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Cell exchange

Cell exchange

When cells are exchanged, we always replace all old battery cells with high-quality new cells. We also check the existing protective circuits for functionality. This ensures long-term functioning and not just short-term recovery. Should the battery, against all odds, not be repairable, you will receive a quote from us for a complete new battery.

This is how the cell exchange works:

You send us your battery. For fast and simple processing it is important that you write your customer number and the reason, in this case “Please provide a free quote for a cell exchange” on a slip of paper and include this in the package.

As soon as we have received the battery, we open the plastic housing and evaluate whether a cell exchange will be economical for you.

When the decision has been made in favour of a cell exchange:

The old drained cells will be removed in full and a fresh cell pack will be copied to match the defective sample. We exclusively use high-quality industrial cells. The electrical connections of the individual cells are made with a spot welder. After the new cell pack has been inserted and a function test conducted, the housing of the battery pack is closed again. You will therefore receive a battery which is as good as new, only the housing and the safety elements have remained. This method of cell exchange avoids waste and saves resources. You therefore make an active contribution towards environmental protection.

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